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If you are interested in keeping your garage door functional and safe to use, then you should check out our useful tips below. Our experts have a lot more information to share with you, so feel free to reach out to us if you want some more helpful advice.

The most important thing is to ensure that no one will be able to use your missing remote to get inside your home. That is why changing the code is crucial. Make sure that you keep the new remote safe as part of your keychain or somewhere secure. Don't leave it in your car or somewhere your children can reach it.
Dirt and debris can hamper the performance of your garage door and may even cause it to get stuck, or get off track. Although you may not be able to prevent dirt from building up inside the tracks, you can definitely do something about it. Periodically cleaning them out and checking them for rust will help you avoid a lot of potentially dangerous accidents.
As part of a regular maintenance routine, you should check the exterior of your door for signs of visible damage. If the panels are showing any signs of rust, warping or rot, they need to be treated right away, or replaced, depending on the severity of the situation. If you neglect to address these issues in time, your entire door may need to be replaced eventually.
If you notice something wrong with your garage door – it doesn't open as smoothly as it's supposed to, or you start noticing a strange noise – don’t wait for things to get worse. Signs of trouble need to be dealt with before they develop into full blown problems, which will require more expensive repairs. The sooner you have our experts check your door, the better.

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