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Often Asked Garage Door Questions

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Often Asked Garage Door Questions

If you're looking for an expert that can answer any type of garage door related question, then you've come to the right place. The following FAQs can offer you some useful advice, and our team will be happy to provide you with any additional information you require.

How do safety sensors work?

Safety sensors are installed on the bottom of each side of the opening to your garage. They send an invisible beam across the threshold in order to make sure there's nothing standing in the door's path. If the beam is broken, i.e. an obstacle interrupts it, the sensors alert the opener, which in turn reverses the door's movement, or prevents it from closing. If these components become misaligned, they may fail to properly detect an obstacle or will cause your door to reverse for no reason. Give our team a call if you need them to be replaced or realigned.

Do I need a lock on my garage door?

Maybe. It depends on the type of garage door opener you have. A lot of the major brands, like LiftMaster for example, have a built-in digital-lock function that you can engage and disengage at will. If your unit doesn't possess this feature, you can install a physical lock on your door. Just remember to unlock it before you try to open it. If you forget, your door could get damaged.

How can I keep my garage door in a good working condition?

In order to keep your garage door in good working conditions, you should dedicate a little time out of your day every so often to perform some maintenance tasks. For example, you should clean the panels, as well as the tracks, lubricate the springs and the rollers and make sure that the safety sensors are aligned correctly. All of these simple actions can help your system last longer.

What is headroom and why is it important?

Headroom is the distance between the top of the garage door to the lowest point of the ceiling above it, or whatever obstruction may be in the way.  The headroom depends on how your garage is built and will determine whether or not you can get a torsion spring or a roll-up garage door installed.


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